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For Therapists & Clients

What is a 'Power To Heal' Course?

  • A opportunity to learn and apply mental, verbal and physical self-expression and self-protection skills 

  • A trauma-informed space held by an experienced  female-male instructor team and a clinical social worker

  • A series of simulated threats and confrontations, delivered in a safe and supportive environment

  • An opportunity for your clients to confront and overcome challenges and expand tolerance as they experience their nervous systems working for, rather than against, them and absorb new life-skills that build their confidence and self-respect.

A Powerful Adjunct To Individual Therapy

Awareness and threat assessment skills help clients learn to strengthen their intuition and make choices about the situations they encounter.


Verbal Self Defense Skills help clients set clear boundaries and  address threatening situations before they escalate.

Physical Self-defense skills help clients 'break the freeze' and experience their power.

Strategies for Interpersonal Communication in Relationships help clients learn to recognize and address communication problems in relationships in real time.

Self-Care in real time allow clients to learn and apply self-care techniques in a controlled, supervised setting while they practice being part of a supportive social safety net.

A n Empowering Sense of Belonging. Previous clients with Complex Trauma found that they bonded with their course mates  over their abilities rather than their "victimhood" and maintained those connections long after their courses end.

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